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You need a Balinese Model ?

For your Fashion , your Lifestyle Magazine, Brochures, your Spa resort , your Products ?

www.balinesewoman.com is the portfolio for the Balinese model Ayu
A Natural exotic beauty from the North of Bali.

Balinese women are blessed with well-developed bodies, golden-bronze skin,
long glossy black hair, and charm and mystical smiles, happily living in a rich and complete yet dynamic culture.

Ayu is professional and she understand clearly the needs of the client.
She can be model for:

Professional Model for painters or Photographers
( not undressed )
Fashion & Lifestyle magazines
TV Commercial & Advertizing
Music Video's
Wedding magazine's
Presentation of your collections or products.

Prive Foto's bestellen ?

Wilt u een goede model foto van Ayu in uw huis hangen dan kan dat.
Op bestelling laat Ayu zich fotograveren in de posities die u graag wenst.
Ayu laat dan een foto reportage maken en stuurt enkele kleine foto's naar u . U bepaalt welke u wilt hebben.
Deze worden dan toegezonden in een groot formaat 1,5 mb. U kunt hiervan in poster formaat foto's afdrukken..

Private Order Photo's ?

Do you want a nice model photo from Ayu in your house in a position what you like ?
In order is possible , Ayu can let makes photo's from her in the position what you want.
She will do a photo session with a photographer and send the small pictures to you.
The pictures what you like can you get in a bigger size.

Photo reportage ?

You can stay by rumah suwandi in Ubud a romantic house for rent . Every day you can
make pictures from Ayu around the house in the garden or in the beautifull area. You can order Ayu for making a reportage in Bali. She has enough traditional Balinese clothes and she can bring you to the best nature views in Bali.

Rumah Suwandi romantic house for rent NyuhKuning Ubud

You want to be a model ?

When you are a good looking Balinese or Indonesian girl who want also a presentation in this website then
ask information about the conditions and for the price.

This new Balinese woman website may 2010 starts with a 100 visitors daily from around the world.
Send this website to your friends www.balinesewoman.com

U kunt ook in het Nederlands reageren.
For price and conditions ask information from the :

contact page

Ayu area Ubud